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Progressive Campaigner, Digital Strategist, & Millennial/Gen Z Designer

There are nearly 2 billion people under 35 currently inhabiting planet earth. For years they’ve been labeled as lazy, wasteful and selfish, but things are changing. Tides are turning. People are starting to realize that this generation is on the brink of creating truly global change.

We care about more than just ourselves. We’re investing in our communities, towns and nations, determined to fight against the world’s most ravenous problems - poverty, HIV/AIDS, education inequity and global warming, to name a few - and build a more cohesive world.

I am harnessing the power of this generation through my organisation called Overton Group.  We work with a range of progressive charities, political campaigns and companies to shift the window of possibility, applying political campaigning principals to mobilisation, fundraising and marketing design with a particular specialisation in Millennial and Gen-Z engagement.

I recently completed work as the Chief of Staff & Campaigns Director to Sir Simon Hughes, former MP and Minister of State for Justice. Together we fought for affordable housing, decent education opportunities, mixed communities that grow together, and a fairer future for every citizen.

My work has been covered in dozens of publications as a leader in this global movement, including: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times of India, Clarin, La Nation, NECN, NPR & The BBC News Corp.